Aprile Duda

I first got involved with the Histiocytosis Association of Canada in 1995.  Wendy, Jeff and myself took over the association from a family in Quebec that started the association.  I was led down this path after our daughter Lyndsee passed away from LCH in 1993.  It has been a lifetime goal to find a cure for this very rare disease. I stepped away from the association for a few years while I re-started my career. 

Recently, I was invited back to join the “Board of Directors” of which I gladly accepted.  It is still my mission to help find a cure, build awareness and help in some way the patience, families & friends deal with this so rare disease.

Its amazing how much awareness has been generated in the past 20 years and largely due to the Histiocytosis Association of America.  The Histiocyte Society has grown with more & more Doctors & Scientist & Researchers getting involved in finding a cure.  This makes me very excited to see what we can accomplish in the next 20 years!