Leah Jones (left) of Smart Choice Paralegal in Oshawa, ON, Katrina Anne Defoe (middle) of Oshawa, ON, and Jackie Mclean (right) of JM Legal Services of Whitby, ON helped make this years fundraising event possible.

Histiocytosis Association of Canada would like to send a huge Thank you to all the volunteers that made this event such a success.  All of you made such a difference and we couldn't have had an event without you! 

Associazione Famiglie Supinesi was founded in October of 1993. Its main objective is to promote the Supinese & Italian culture. Throughout the years they have added to this objective by doing activities to help raising funds for medical research. In the past, they have raised funds for Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, and Heart and Stroke (to name a few). This year one of their members, Gabriella Zaccardelli Corsi, made a request to donate to Histiocytosis. This request was granted and Histiocytosis Association of Canada is very thankful to receive their donation

Day at Sick Kids!

September 16th

Aprile and her daughter Jillian, cousin Megan, and friends Tristen & Cassie set up a Histiocytosis Awareness table in the Atrium at Sick Kids.  It was an interactive day for the kids to come and make a craft (masks) while the parents had a chance to chat with the various associations.  Great day!  Thanks Sick Kids for organizing!

Aprile's Birthday!

$2000.00 Donation

Aprile Duda would like to thank all her friends and family that so generously donated to the Histiocytosis Associations for her Birthday!

Thank you kowalyshen family and erinwood ford 

"I explained to the gents at the dealership, (Stewart and Kyle) that Brandon getting this car was a huge ordeal after all he has been through.  Then I went on to explain how Histiocytosis is so rare and what kind of Histio Brandon had.  They were then interested in hearing more so they can add Histio to their charity of choice.  I sent them a link about HLH so they get a better understanding.  I asked them because Brandon waited so long if they could possibly add some balloons etc. to the car when Brandon's picked it up.  They were a great bunch of people at Erinwood Ford!" 

Tammy Kowalyshen